Elevate your style and embrace the beauty of summer with my latest creation: The Beautiful Crochet Summer Top. This pattern is designed for crocheters of all skill levels and is the perfect addition to your warm weather wardrobe. I chose Bernat Baby Velvet Yarn for its softness and versatility. Due to the thickness of the yarn, this project works up fast and looks stunning paired with your favorite outfits.

Easy Construction

The crochet summer top is constructed in two separate panels, which are stitched together upon completion. This free pattern is written to fit a size large, measuring 20.5 inches in width and 20 inches in height. To adjust the size of this top to be larger or smaller, simply adjust the length of your starting chain.

Elegant and Stylish

This elegant crochet summer top is the perfect addition to your seasonal wardrobe. This versatile project caters to all skill levels and is the perfect beginner friendly project. The pattern’s adaptability ensures that anyone can follow the instructions to create their own beautiful crochet summer top

Beautiful Crochet Summer Top: Pattern Info

Level: Easy +


  • Pattern is written in US terms
  • For Triangles, reference timestamp 8:25 in video.
  • This pattern is worked in multiples of 3
  • Gauge: 9 dc x 8 rows (4×4 in/10x10cm sq)

Size of finished top: Large
Width: 20.5 in
Height: 20 in



  • * *: Repeat instructions within brackets defined number of times or until eor.
  • { }: Number of rows or stitches you should have
  • Ch: chain
  • Ch2sp: chain 2 space
  • Dc: double crochet
  • Eor: end of row
  • Sc: single crochet
  • Sk: skip
  • Sk ch: skipped chain
  • Sl st: slip stitch
  • Sp: space
  • St: stitch
  • Tr: treble crochet

Video Tutorial

Crochet Beautiful Summer Top

Beautiful Crochet Summer Top: The Pattern

Make 2
For size L ch 45

(S- 36, M-42, XL-51, XXL-54)

Row 1: Dc in the 4th ch from hook, dc until eor. (43)
Row 2: Ch 3, turn, dc in the 1st ch, dc until eor. (43)
Row 3-19: Repeat Row 2. (17 Rows)
Row 20: Ch 1, turn, sc in same st, *ch 2, sk 2, sc* 14x, sc in the 4th ch from ch 4 from previous row. (ch sp: S-11, M-13, L-14, XL-16, XXL-17)
Row 21: Ch 4, turn, make the triangles: *1 tr, 2 dc in the base of tr* in each ch2sp, 1 tr in last sc. (11, 13, 14, 16, 17 triangles)
Row 22: Ch 1, turn, sc in same st, *ch 2, sk 2, sc between triangles*, 14x, sc in the 4th ch of tr from previous row. (ch sp: S-11, M-13, L-14, XL-16, XXL-17)
Row 23: Repeat Row 21.
Row 24: Repeat Row 22.
Row 25, 27: Repeat Row 21.
Row 26: Repeat Row 22.
Ch 1, fasten off.

To make your top longer, keep adding rows until your desired length.

Beautiful Crochet Summer Top: Sewing Instructions

  1. Place panels together, sew from Row 1 to Row 19 on each side.
  2. For the shoulders: sew 4 triangles on each side.
  3. Fasten off, weave in ends.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Crochet Summer Top!

Enjoy your new Beautiful Crochet Summer Top! This velvety soft top will keep you cool and stylish all summer long. Share your creations with me on Facebook and Instagram. I can’t wait to see your work! Like and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more free patterns and tutorials! If you like this top, check out the Savannah Crochet Summer Top.

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